LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Mitzy

You could call her the Betty White of dogs.

Nonagenarian Betty White turns 97 Thursday, and in dog years, that’s just one year off the age of little Miss Mitzy here.

While some dog experts dispute the accuracy of saying each year in dog years is equivalent to 7 human ones, there’s no denying that at 14, Mitzy’s not exactly playing the ingenue these days.

But you’d never know it to look at her. Mitzy, who Diamond in the Ruff’s Ryan Keel thinks is probably a German shorthair cross of some kind, is spry, energetic and affectionate.

In spite of her medium size, she’s a confirmed lap dog, and gets along well with children, other dogs and cats.

Mitzy came to Diamond in the Ruff’s foster care situation because her previous owner died. During a routine vet check, they discovered she had some cancerous tumors that needed removal.

She appears to have come through with a clean bill of health and she’s ready for her new, forever home.

If you’d love a sweet and feisty old girl who just wants to cuddle up on your lap for some quality time these long cold winter nights, check out Mitzy’s profile here.

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