LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Winston

Believe it or not, it took three tries for this guy to find his forever home.

With his thick white coat, enormous physical presence, and melting brown eyes, Winston the Great Pyrenees is one of the most strikingly beautiful and charismatic rescue dogs in the Red River Valley region.

But even this success story has had his struggles finding his way to a forever home. He found it four years ago, with Diamond in the Ruff’s Ryan Keel, who offered to dog-sit the huge white beast after Winston’s foster parent had to go out of town.

Two other families had already applied to adopt Winston, so even though Keel put in an application too, he didn’t think he had much of a shot.

But the first one didn’t work out. Then the second one didn’t either. So Keel brought him home — and  things were a little rocky in the beginning for Winston there, too. All these years later, though — he’s right where he needs to be: at Keel’s side, through thick and thin, blizzard and sunshine, forever.

Keel and Winston joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker live in studio to talk about why dogs like Winston might not make it to happy endings like his if it weren’t for the incredible work of volunteers with Diamond in the Ruff, 4 Luv of Dog, Homeward Animal Shelter, and CAARE avian rescue.

The biggest fundraising day for nonprofits in our region is coming up soon. Giving Hearts Day this year is February 14th. You can make a difference for dogs just like Winston and keep the good work going.

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