LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Juju

Get some good juju, from adopting Juju.

If there is such a thing as good juju in the universe, this little Juju has plenty of it to share.

The sweet, affectionate little dog from the great state of Texas came in to a shelter down south as an owner surrender.

Due to shelter overcrowding there, she was shipped up north to the Red River Valley, and she’s waiting for a forever home with as big a heart as she has.

She landed at the right rescue, since this dog is a bit of a diamond in the rough herself.

At just one year old, she’s still a puppy learning appropriate behavior, and she likes to stand up on her hind legs to give hugs.

Since that’s not something every dog owner likes, she’ll need work to learn to do “four on the floor,” as rescue worker Ashley Hahn explains.

Hahn brought Juju in for a live interview with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker, and hugs there were aplenty.

Fortunately, Juju is very food-motivated, as well as calm and affectionate.

She is very delicately built, like most Italian Greyhounds, but sturdier than the purebred versions, so a potential owner wouldn’t have to worry about injuries.

However, she should be paired with kids who are gentle and considerate, since she’s a small breed.

She gets along with other dogs and people, and other than standing up, she’s very well-trained.

If you need some good Juju in your life, give this little girl the chance she deserves, and check out her profile.

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