LIVE: Free Target Gift Cards for National HIV Testing Day

As if peace of mind isn't gift enough already.

Thursday, June 27th is National HIV Testing Day, and health care workers in the metro want to make it worth your while to get tested — beyond just the gift of peace of mind.

That’s why the Harm Reduction Clinic, or HRC, in Fargo is offering free Target gift cards along with free tests for HIV and Hepatitis C.

The clinic opened in April of last year as a way to help fight some of the public health risks that come with substance abuse.

You can get tested there and get results in 20 minutes or so, no appointment necessary.

In all the talk about the risk of death from opiate overdose in recent years, there hasn’t been much talk addressing the risk of communicable disease linked to sharing of needles and other unsafe practices linked to substance abuse.

That’s part of what the HRC’s mission is, said Fargo-Cass Public Health substance abuse prevention coordinator Robin Litke Sall.

Check out her live interview in-studio with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker to find out details on how we’re observing National HIV Testing Day here in the region, and what we’re doing that Litke Sall says is working to reduce overdose deaths here in the metro this year.

Free HIV/Hepatitis C Testing

Thursday, June 27th

Harm Reduction Clinic

510 5th St N, Fargo, ND 58102-4566, United States

12-8 PM

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