LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Miss Sophia

Believe me, she'll keep you busy all on her own.

You might think it’s less fun to have one dog than two. Miss Sophia is here to prove you wrong.

The year-and-a-half-old husky-shepherd mix came in to Homeward Animal Shelter by way of the pound, and in to the KVRR Morning Show studios via Homeward’s Heather Klefstad. And she was more fun than a barrel of monkeys the whole morning.

At her age, Miss Sophia’s still essentially a puppy, and it shows in her behavior.

She gets along with all people, including kids, just not other animals, so she’s best as part of a one-pet household.

Fortunately, she’s entertaining enough to keep you busy all on her own.

She’s got a lot of energy, as both her breeds are known for, and she played hard all morning long with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker, keeping up a wrestling match and gently gnawing on objects all around her.

However, she also knows how to settle down and behave when the time is right.

If you’re looking for a sweet-natured, smart and affectionate companion who wants you all to herself, give this soft and cuddly sweetie a try and check out her profile, here.

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