LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Stella


Just like the iconic scene with Marlon Brando in “Streetcar Named Desire,” Stella could make you holler her name to the heavens — and that’s because people tend to shriek with delight every time they see her.

She is a sweet and incredibly calm little mixed-breed puppy who came in to the Diamond in the Ruff animal rescue from a litter at the Turtle Mountain Reservation.

Stella was one of three puppies, two of whom went to other shelters. Stella is in the metro in a foster home, and while it’s all very new to her, she’s easy to settle into all kinds of new environments.

She’s a bit of a mystery, since rescue workers don’t know exactly what sort of breeds she might be, how big she might get or even how old she is.

However, she’s as calm and composed — and cuddly — as any puppy you’re likely to meet, and in fact got so comfortable on the Morning Show desk with Emily Welker for Pet Connection, she decided to stick around for a snooze for the rest of the show.

Stella and Diamond in the Ruff rescue worker Ryan Keel visited live in-studio with Emily about what to expect and how to handle teaching good dog manners to a very new puppy in your home.

If Stella’s the right dog for you, keep an eye on this link where Diamond will be posting her adoption profile, soon.

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