LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Merlin

Merlin can put a little bit of magic in your life.

Merlin’s got this amazing magic trick up his furry sleeve: he’ll make you want to snuggle him even when he’s trying to convince you to play with him instead.

The lively two-year-old came in to Homeward Animal Shelter from a local pound, and unfortunately, he’s got a lot of company there.

The shelter has a surplus of cats that need to be adopted soon, so they’re offering a fifty percent off discount for all adult kitties.

Merlin, who’s reached adult status but has the playful disposition of a kitten, doesn’t care for other cats himself.

But he gets along well with dogs and people, and is determined to get almost everyone involved in a game.

He’s very well-socialized and gentle, too.

Even when he’s trying to wriggle away to go explore, you never feel a claw — just lots of cuddles instead.

If you’d like to make Merlin disappear from the shelter and into your home, check out his profile, here.

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