LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Kent

There's no such thing as a stranger to this cuddly cutie.

If you’re looking to make more friends in the new year, you can’t go wrong with a companion like Kent to make introductions for you.

The pit bull cross came in to the KVRR studios for his Pet Connection with an enthusiastic greeting for everyone he met.

Kent, like a lot of pit bulls, never met a person he didn’t like.

The exuberant, affectionate young dog came in to 4 Luv of Dog rescue from a local pound and without a lot of information attached.

As far as rescue workers can tell, Kent is about a year and a half, perhaps two years old.

It’s a great age at which to adopt a dog, because if you can handle them at this age, you can handle them at any age.

Dogs between one and two are about full-size, with very little filling out to do.

However, they still have much of their puppy energy, which means you’ll need to devote some time to giving them the exercise they need.

A dog like Kent gives you a great opportunity to get out and get fit in the New Year, with regular walks and ball-chasing sessions in the yard.

So if you’re interesting in getting out and getting active, getting to meet new friends and getting a sweet and loving new companion, all in one, get yourself an application to bring home Kent today.

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