MN has record number of new coronavirus ICU patients

MINNESOTA – Minnesota sees a daily high in new coronavirus ICU patients with 41 from Sunday to Monday.

The old record was 25 on May 16th.

The state resumed elective surgeries last week which will put more patients in intensive care.

Health officials say the Twin Cities metro area is at 87%  ICU capacity and other areas have more availability. They add this was expected as modeling anticipated high numbers.

“It isn’t unusual for ICU beds to be 95% full during flu season. That said, we are keeping a close eye on this and we are in regular contact with hospital leadership to address issues as they arise,” Director of the Minnesota Department of Health’s Infectious Disease Division Kris Ehresmann said.

Conservative activists have filed a proposed recall petition against Go. Tim Walz. They accuse him of malfeasance over his “propensity to assume authorities not granted by the Legislature.”

They argue his executive orders have deprived them of their constitutional rights.

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