LIVE: Hot Tips to Stay Cool

Are you sick of the heat yet? Stay healthy instead, with us.

Even if we don’t hit a new record high today, temperatures are still dangerously hot outside.

Just like they were yesterday.

The experts at F-M ambulance say it’s during a long stretch of hot days that they typically see a spike in heat-related emergency calls.

That’s often because after a day or so, we forget to keep ourselves hydrated.

They also say you need to double down on your heat-fighting factors if you work in construction, or in other outdoor professions.

Drink water consistently, consider replacing electrolytes as well, take frequent breaks to cool off and bring body temperatures down, and keep an eye on each other for signs of heatstroke and other heat-related illness.

Mask-wearers, too, can make you feel hotter and as if it’s harder to breathe through the fabric, so plan accordingly to protect yourself from heat and from Covid-19.

F-M Ambulance’s Don Martin joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker for a live Zoom interview with his best tips to stay cool and healthy in the heat.

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