Social Distancing: Egg Salad

I Try To Expand My Cooking Portfolio With A BBQ Staple


Let’s talk food. Backyard barbecue season is here. And I’m trying to branch out with my cooking as I’m eating at home more. I had a craving I normally don’t have yesterday for egg salad. So I made some. I’d actually never made it before so I looked up a recipe. My girlfriend low-key made fun of me for it.

She said something to the effect of, “Wow…I’ve never seen anyone look up how to add mayo and eggs before.”

Ha. Ha.

So I asked you on Facebook if I was the only adult who had never made egg salad to this point. Instead, you guys just gave me your recipe tips.

Here’s some of the suggestions for the next time. Dill. Should have thought of that. I just ate my sandwich with a pickle.
Bacon bits. Now I’m kicking myself over not throwing those in.
I didn’t have any chopped onion or else I might have thrown that in. I just used onion powder, along with some paprika.
And…sugar? Apparently that’s a thing. I never knew that. That seems so weird. It’s not a sweet dish.
My twist on egg salad was adding more than a responsible amount of mustard. Gotta give it some zip.

Are you whipping up any new recipes while you’re social distancing. Let me know! If it sounds good, I’ll try it!

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