Social Distancing: Getting Cantankerous

Playing Fortnite On A Phone Reminds Me That I Am Getting Older


I think social distancing is making me realize I’m getting older. I definitely had an “old man yells at cloud” moment yesterday. I’ve been playing video games online with my Big Brothers/Big Sisters Little since we haven’t been meeting in person. Every time I call he’s playing Fortnite. He kept asking me to download it and the only device I have that could support the game was my phone.

Have you ever played a full-scale game like that on a little phone screen?
I already have no idea what I’m doing. Instead of a button on a controller I’ve got to find the little tiny spot on my screen to press to jump or shoot. That didn’t work half the time. Choosing items is a pain. I kept picking up stuff I didn’t want and dropping stuff I did want.
There were some positives. Moving around is surprisingly easy. It was intuitive and simple.
But it was next to impossible chatting with my Little during the match. The voice chat is awful over the phone, and there’s no way I could play and type in the chat window at the same time.
Basically, he told me to hide in a corner and only come out if he needed revived. That strategy worked fairly well.

Between me gripping about playing games on a small screen to my new hobby doing puzzles, I think I’m turning into both of my parents at once. COVID-19 is really making me face the fact I’m not getting younger. How are you handling social distancing? Let me know.
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