Cass County Vector Control seeing uptick in tick activity

Here's how to protect yourself this tick season

FARGO, N.D. — We may still be social distancing, but it’s that time of year when a certain critter will get too close for comfort; we’re talking ticks and the potential exposure to Lyme disease.

Those with Cass County Vector Control say they’ve already seen increased tick activity this season.

The good news, Cass County Vector Control Director Ben Prather says, is that Cass County falls outside the Lyme disease endemic area.

However, places like eastern Clay, Becker and Ottertail County aren’t so fortunate.

But there are ways to enjoy all that the Red River Valley has to offer while staying safe outdoors.

“It’s always ideal to wear a buy spray,” said Prather. “We apply not only for mosquito repellency, but also for tick repellency. It is actually very good at repelling ticks.”

Being mindful of what you wear when you’re spending time in nature is also a good idea.

Prather added, “It may be a little dorky, but tuck in the pant legs into the socks. Wearing lighter-colored clothing if you’re out and about in those types of areas so that you can identify and see ticks.”

He recommends investing in a tick-repellent pesticide for when you know you’ll be outdoors for extended periods of time.

“Maybe you’re going camping. Maybe you’re chopping wood for a whole afternoon in the woods. Before you put on the clothes, you put on this repellency onto your socks, onto your shoes, onto your pant legs, and it’s actually the same ingredient that we apply with our truck-mounted foggers, but that will repel ticks and mosquitoes as well.”

And even when you’re right at home, things like keeping your backyard free of debris and your grass cut short will help keep the ticks away.

The CDC is seeing an increase in tick-borne diseases like Lyme disease.

For more prevention and safety information, click here.

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