Pet Connection: Meet Elm

A dog whose spirit is as big as her namesake.

Here in the Fargo metro area, we love our beautiful elm tree canopy that graces the city’s oldest boulevards and walkways.

And Elm is a dog who’s just as beautiful as they are.

She comes to this week’s Pet Connection from the wonderful volunteers at 4 Luv of Dog rescue.

She’s a little over a year old, a pit bull terrier mix with striking white and brown markings and beautiful big brown eyes.

Rescuer Kerry Helland says Elm loves to play fetch but won’t wear you out by insisting you throw the ball for her all day.

She seems to light up when she sees kids, and would probably like to be in a home with more people for her to play, hang out and cuddle with.

If you’re looking for a forever dog who’s got a spirit as big and beautiful as the trees of her name, check out Elm’s profile, here.


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