Social Distancing: Staycation

Enjoy Time Relaxing At Home


So we’ve been talking about how to avoid crowds and go on vacation during the age of social distancing.
Thankfully it’s prime outdoors season.
I went camping last weekend, and it was pretty easy to socially distance during the trip.
But Sue on Facebook might have me beat.

She sends in this video of her social distancing idea: camping at her own home.
Let me tell you, if I had that as my back yard, I’d never have a problem staying in and social distancing.
It’s beautiful.
Sure beats when I take my little charcoal grill out back to grill hot dogs. The only thing I can stare at there is the neoghbor’s clothesline.
Thanks for sharing, Sue!

How are you managing during the pandemic? Show us how you’re still having fun and relaxing. Let me know on Facebook and Twitter.

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