LIVE: The Midwest and the Election

The major forces at play here in the Midwest could make for an even bigger surprise than last time around in the presidential elections.

With only three months away from what could be the most significant presidential election in modern history, a new story from one of the world’s foremost economic news sources says we voters here in the Midwest could play a huge role this time around.

A number of pundits attribute President Trump’s surprise win in 2016 to the Midwest, particularly with rural voters who swung the electoral college vote his way.

That wasn’t predicted by pre-election polls.

This time, one writer thinks the way Midwesterners cast our votes may be an even bigger surprise this time around than in 2016.

Writer Adam Roberts is the Midwest America Correspondent for the Economist, whose story came out last week.

His premise: that the cities in the Midwest and their urban voters are changing the way the region is growing.

Roberts Zoomed in live to chat with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker about what he found in doing the story, what it means for the future of the Midwest, and how the wild card of the pandemic — and its effects both on the economy and how both sides campaign for President — could make for an election like no other for us.

To read the full report:

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