“I’m beholden to the people of the district” Dr. Noel Collis describes primary race against Michelle Fischbach

MINNESOTA – Doctor Noel Collis is running to unseat Rep. Collin Peterson in Minnesota’s seventh congressional district.

He’s running against former Lieutenant Governor Michelle Fishbach in the GOP primary on August 11.

He calls flattening the curve delaying the diagnosis of a virus there’s a lot of uncertainty about.

Collis says wearing a mask is like “putting a chain link fence around your yard to protect against mosquitoes” since he claims viral particles are 50 times smaller than the holes in the mask. 

According to OpenSecrets.org, Collis has spent $699,000 of his own money. He’s raised a little more than $3,400 in small contributions.

“I’m beholden not to donors, but I’m beholden to the people of the district and the principles and values that made America and that’s why I’m doing this,” Collis explained.

The Republican grew up in southern Minnesota where his dad ran a gas station.

Collis says farmers shouldn’t be used as pawns in trade negotiations. He adds a big problem for farmers is high energy prices.

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