MN Issues New State Health Department Guidelines for Parents

How to tell if your child should stay home from in-person class, and for how long.

The Minnesota State Health Department is releasing a new guide for parents this morning about symptoms that mean your kids should stay home from school during the pandemic.

It’s coming at a critical time, as flu season starts to collide with the coronavirus pandemic.
Experts say both illnesses can mimic each other.

They also say it is also possible to get both the flu and Covid-19 at the same time.

For Covi-19, the most common symptoms include a fever of one hundred point four or higher, a new cough, or a cough that gets worse; difficulty or trouble breathing; and new loss of taste or smell.

If your child has any of these symptoms, experts recommend they stay home.

They also include a list of symptoms seen less commonly in the guideline.

Experts say if they have two or more of those symptoms, kids shouldn’t go in.

There’s also a chart to work through in the event your child has a Covid-19 or possible Covid-19 exposure and how long they’ll need to quarantine for.

You can check out all the guidelines here:

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