Social Distancing: Diffusing The Giant Stress Ball

Pandemic Stress Could Combine With Seasonal Stress


We’ve been living with the stress of the pandemic for more than half a year now.
With cold, dreary looming, the possibility of Seasonal affective disorder could cause people to spiral emotionally.
But today we’ve got tips from the Village Family Service Center.

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Ruth Denton-Graber says pandemic stress and Seasonal affective disorder have similar effects that can impact your mood and energy. She says most people likely feel seasonal stress in our region, with its harsh winters.
Combined they can hurt your ability to function in relationships, jobs, and amplify financial woes.
She offers a list of ways to help combat the stress, everything from physical activity, to limiting alcohol and drug use, to simply taking a deep breath.
She also says it’s important to stay connected, despite social distancing.

She adds, “And then connecting with others is huge. And I know it’s difficult when we can’t necessarily be in person with folks, but doing Zoom meetings, doing other things like that can help just to have that connection.”

The Village is offering free mental health screenings both in person and over Zoom on Wednesdays through December 9th. Click here for more details.

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