seasonal affective disorder

Social Distancing: Diffusing The Giant Stress Ball

Pandemic Stress Could Combine With Seasonal Stress

  We’ve been living with the stress of the pandemic for more than half a year now. With cold, dreary looming, the possibility of Seasonal affective disorder could cause people to spiral emotionally. But today we’ve got tips from the Village Family Service Center. Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Ruth Denton-Graber says pandemic stress and Seasonal affective disorder have similar effects…

Getting SAD: Behind Seasonal Affective Disorder

A look at Seasonal Depression

Cloudy skies, snow, and frigid wind chills make it perfect weather for people to stay indoors, but seeing that weather from the inside can sometimes make people SAD with Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD is a seasonal depression that occurs to people across the country, usually in the fall and winter, but sometimes can occur in the spring. Dr. Swati Dhankikar,…