LIVE: Ghost Tours

We're live with the museum's organizers, not the ghosts. (We think.)

Ghosts are supposed to scare you away.

But at one of the region’s most haunted sites, ghosts have visitors flocking there in droves, instead.

Bonanzaville’s “Ghost Tours” sold out Wednesday morning.

And that’s after museum officials offered a run of tours through September as well,  earlier than they usually start their season.

Public interest ramped up when October hit, and now museum events coordinators are hoping to add additional tours to meet demand.

The tours are in-depth, small-group presentations by former Bonanzaville museum curators.

The tours cover murders and other historic events museum workers think are connected to strange things still happening at Bonanzaville today.

Events coordinator Missy Warren Zoomed in live with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker to talk about some of the resident ghosts and what you should expect if you can still score a ticket.

(Hint: it’s pretty intense, so it’s not recommended for kids under 12.)

To stay updated about future tours, check out this link:


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