Pet Connection: Meet Bear

Need a bear hug? He's got you covered.

We’ve been talking all week long about Fat Bear Week.

And even though we announced the winner Wednesday — Congratulations, 747! — you might find yourself with a craving for more bears.

We have a great one for you, although this one’s not quite ready for hibernation yet.

Bear the pit bull comes to us from Homeward Animal Shelter, with the help of Homeward’s Heather Klefstad.

This three-year-old sweetheart is currently undergoing treatment for both heartworm and Lyme disease, and we know those treatments can be quite a bear themselves.

But he hasn’t lost his affectionate disposition or his high energy levels.

He’s got so much energy, in fact, he may need a little reminding about manners every now and then.

He’s a friend to everyone, dog or human.

Best of all, Bear is available for half off his adoption fee, along with every other pet who’s six months or older at Homeward.

It’s all part of their “Share the Love” event.

For more information on how this teddy bear of a guy can be yours forever, visit his profile, here.

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