LIVE: Last-Minute Push for Native Census

The consensus is the census is important. So stand up and be counted.

It’s a story we first brought you on the Morning Show a while back: the deadline is coming closer to getting your information in to the 2020 Census.

And while it’s critical for everyone to stand up and be counted, it’s especially so for our Native communities.

Tribal leaders are working hard to get everyone’s information collected, in part because the numbers determine how much funding’s released for programs like water pollution, education, health care, housing and job training.

Workers are masked up and going door-to-door where possible, masked up and socially distanced, to talk with you about the census, in our last chance before the end of October.

The Morning Show’s Emily Welker Zoomed in live with 2020 Census tribal partner specialist Shadana Sultan about what’s at stake, and why you shouldn’t let your community leave money on the table when it comes to census results.

To fill it out yourself:

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