LIVE: Inauguration Day Analysis

A presidential inauguration like you've never seen it before. We have experts breaking down what it means for the future of our country.

If you didn’t think we were in uncharted territory before in the United States, today is all the proof you need.

From the flags gathered on the National Mall to symbolize all the Americans who can’t be at the presidential inauguration because of the pandemic, to the National Guard troops assembled to protect the nation’s capitol from a repeat of the attack by domestic insurgents on the Capitol building two weeks ago, things are looking very different this morning than they have on any other presidential inauguration day.

No big crowds for the swearing in. No party and ball tonight. The specter of additional violence from pro-Trump extremists hanging over the nation for days to come.

We talked on the Morning Show with our frequent guest, Dr. Barbara Headrick, head of the MSUM Political Science Department, about this very different approach to swearing in a new president, and what it will mean for the nation’s future.


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