Pet Connection: Meet Samson

We've got a strong feeling you're going to like this dog.

He’s named for a legendary strongman, but Samson the boxer mix is more into cuddles and playtime than feats of strength.

This neutered adult male has plenty of energy, and he’s super-affectionate, so you’ll never get bored hanging out with him.

Because he’s so lively and full of fun, it’s great if you can give him a steady routine to stick to. Otherwise, he’s prone to getting bored.

As a matter of fact, he’s so entertaining, it took Heather Klefstad of Homeward Animal Shelter a couple of practice runs to put together his adoption video, because Samson had so much to say during the first try!

Because he’s so filled with love for his people, he’d much prefer to be your only pet.

If you’re looking for a dog whose love is as strong as his name, check out Samson’s profile, here.

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