LIVE: National Plan for Vacation Day

We promise, this interview is not an exercise in cruel irony.

It’s January, it’s freezing cold out there, and your last few days off from work and school and routine are a long way behind you.

And the cabin fever is worse this year than ever, given how long it’s been on lockdown.

But while most of us begin doing research around this time of year for our spring break or summer vacation travel plans, there’s still that pesky pandemic to worry about.

Fortunately, things may be changing.

For the first time in the history of the industry, many airlines are getting rid of their cancellation and postponement fees for potential travelers.

It’s a way to shore up their struggling business models to get through the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

And travelers may be ready to start thinking about flying again, now that the vaccines have finally been approved.

The Morning Show Zoomed in live with’s Kyle Potter about the big changes the airlines have made since the pandemic struck one year ago, and what could be happening now that the country has seen winter spike in state’s covid rates, combined with the emergence of new covid variants.

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