Pet Connection: Meet Digit

Digit Is The Perfect Dog To Lounge Around With On A Lazy Day


Meet Digit.
She’s and American Staffordshire and she turns five years old next month.
Most of the dogs we feature are high energy.
But if you want a lounging partner, Digit is the girl for you.
She spends most of the day sleeping unless you’re doing something that catches her interest.
She actually doesn’t like the cold, and gets out and in as fast as she can when she uses the bathroom.
But that’s not a huge problem even around here, because she’s pretty low-maintenance when it comes to walks.
Digit loves all people and other animals. She does well with the Chihuahua in her foster home, but she can forget how big she is if she’s playing with small kids or pets.
She’s got allergies, which require a daily pill and an injection every four to six weeks.
But she is a sweet, happy girl who would make almost any family happier.
You can find out more about Digit by clicking here.

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