Pet Connection: Meet Saint

He's the longest rescue animal at Kritter Krazy, in more ways than one.

Last weekend, a lot of you were probably spending your St. Patrick’s Day celebrating in downtown Fargo.

In spite of St. Patrick’s famous snake-ridding skills, there’s one in our region no one’s managed to move along yet.

And this Saint — a Ball python — has the patience of a Saint.

He’s Kritter Krazy’s longest rescue, having been there without being adopted longer than any other animal.

He’s a pretty long fellow, too.

Adult Ball pythons can get up to about five feet long, which actually is a fairly manageable size for a full-grown snake.

They can also live to be about 30 years old, which is a nice long lifespan for a pet, compared with many other species.

Saint, like many Ball pythons, has a quite agreeable personality.

He eats frozen, defrosted rodents, so you won’t need to worry about feeding him live food.

And he’s a very handsome guy, with striking coloration and pattern all over his scales.

If you think gorgeous Saint has waited long enough for his shot at a forever home, check out Kritter Krazy for more information at this link.

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