LIVE: Help From Home, for a Six-Year-Old with Brain Cancer

Let's send her a little love and support, Red-River-Valley-style.

If you’ve ever spent any time in the hospital, you know that pretty much all you’re thinking about is getting home again.

But 6-year-old Ava Berthiaume isn’t battling back against the brain cancer, that struck 3 years ago, in a bed at nearby Sanford or Essentia.

She’s stuck in a faraway hospital in Memphis, Tennesee as part of a trial study at St. Jude’s, as an effort to beat back the cancer’s return.

It’s a recent relapse from the High Risk Medulloblastoma she’d been in remission from since 2019.

It may be quite awhile before she and her mom, Ashley Erdmann, can come home again to her big brother here in the Red River Valley.

They talk on Facetime with him, but it’s been hard on the whole family, especially on Ashley, who’s a single mom and who had to leave her job here in Fargo to be at the hospital with her daughter.

Bills are mounting, and so is the worry.

So here’s how you can help.

Family friend Dustin Knudson and Lend a Hand Up Director Jennifer Peinovich Zoomed in live to talk about the online fundraiser for Ava, which includes an online auction going on now through the 9th, a raffle on the 10th, and a place to give to her benefit fund indefinitely.

Lend a Hand is increasing all proceeds by 20 percent, so it makes your gift go a little farther for a little girl who’s already come a long way.

For more information, here’s the link to all the good stuff:


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