Pet Connection: Meet Gru

His minions at Kritter Krazy say it's time you found out how sweet he is.

This week’s pet comes to us out of one of the most successful animated movie franchises of all time.

But unlike his namesake… this guy is not grumpy.

He’s actually a pretty smiley guy, just like the rest of his species.

Say hello to Gru the leopard gecko, who’s introduced to us on this week’s Pet Connection by his human friend Tasha Gorentz, the founder of Kritter Krazy Reptile and Exotic Rescue.

If you’re not familiar with these charming little lizards, Gru is a great example of why they’re such popular pets.

Their care is relatively simple, with a big payoff: leopard geckos aren’t just gorgeously marked and cuddly-looking.

They also can live to be 15 years old, so with the right care, you’ll be able to enjoy their pleasant company for years to come.

They’re a manageable size, adding to their advantages in being a top choice among new lizard adopters.

They eat an assortment of  small bugs like mealworms, crickets and other goodies, and you’ll need to add calcium supplements to their diet as well.

So if you’d like this little cutie to come animate your life, check out all the adoption information for Gru and the other Kritter Krazy pets, here:


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