Haunted Antique Store

Why is that antique telephone ringing? Especially when... it's unplugged?

It’s one of the little-known Halloween gems of our region, hiding right in plain sight in an unassuming strip mall on Fargo’s south side.

But when you get find your way to Antique Addiction on South University Drive, and get inside, you see: this antique store is definitely haunted.

You’ll discover as you move among the many intriguing and mysterious antiques for sale that the store is filled with spirits.

The Halloween spirit, to be precise.

Store owner Lolita Fischer is a Halloween queen, and for the 2021 season, she’s turned her antique store into a haunting sight to behold.

Things are animated, lit up, motion-sensored — and sometimes just plain silly.

Skeletons sit at an old farm table dressed in their finest, dining on rubber organs.

A skeleton fish flops back and forth on an elegant old china serving dish.

And don’t even ask about the scarecrow in the bathroom or the unsettling display of farm implements in the basement.

Each could be a potential murder weapon, Fischer agrees.

She’s drawn upon her creativity and clever visual sense of display to give shoppers a delightful interactive experience in her store.

It’s so well-done, sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between what’s a real antique, and what’s going to come to life when you pass it by, or pick it up.

One rule of thumb: if it’s an animatronic, it’s part of her personal collection, and not for sale.

Most of Fischer’s collection comes from her years of decorating for Halloween at home, but this year she decided to share the spectacle with her customers as well as her neighborhood.

If you’re out and about in South Fargo, though, be warned: you won’t find the store still decorated for last-minute shopping, since it’s so close to Halloween.

By now, she’s taken the animatronics and other decorations back to display at her South Fargo home and yard.

That elaborate yard display draws families in from all the way outside the metro to enjoy the spectacle through Halloween night.

In the meantime, though, the antiques are still there and available for browsing and buying, year-round… haunted or not.

For more information:

Antique Addiction

1517 S University Dr. South, Fargo

(701) 552-1479



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