Pet Connection: Meet Gomez

You'll love him as much as Gomez Addams loves Morticia.

Fans of the “mysterious and spooky, ” as the song goes, we may have a match for you in little Mr. Gomez.

This beautiful boy comes to us for this week’s Pet Connection courtesy of Kritter Krazy Reptile and Exotic pet rescue.

He’s a ball python, which are some of the easiest to care for and handle species of snakes.

Ball pythons like Gomez only grow to between three and five feet long, so he’s a good size for keeping in an average home.

They’re also more tractable in personality and comfortable with handling than some other snake species are.

Ball pythons are known to curl up in a ball over their heads for protection¬† when they’re feeling nervous, hence the name “ball python.”

If you’re looking for a lovely creature with a beautiful scale pattern and a sweet disposition bring home to your family — whether you’re an Addams or not — you can get more information about gorgeous Gomez on Kritter Krazy’s Facebook page.

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