LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Mr. Timms

A little Mister with a lot of mischief in him.

If you’re looking for lively you won’t find anyone more fun than Mr. Timms.

This little guy came to visit us at the KVRR Morning Show with Homeward Animal Shelter’s Heather Klefstad.

The little black domestic shorthair kitten is only six months old, and he already has all the kitten personality you could ever ask for.

He’s only been at the shelter for a week and a half, after being pulled out of the pound for rescue.

He wasn’t with a family of kittens or a mother; he was all on his own.

He also had a cold, and he wasn’t available for adoption until now.

As you can see, he’s definitely recovered and is back up to his full energy level.

Mr. Timms isn’t just wiggly and wonderful to play with, he’s also quite a talker.

He has a sweet voice and an outgoing, affectionate disposition.

Just keep him supplied with toys and companionship, whether that’s adult humans, kids, or other pets.

And don’t forget to keep him in cuddles, too.

If this wiggly little wonder might be the right pet for you, check out his profile, here:

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