Ghoul Morning: Make A Dancing Broom

It's not witchcraft, but this broom really will dance by itself.

FARGO — By now you’ve probably been to a few Halloween parties, or maybe you’re throwing one and dreading cleaning the house before the guests come over.

So this Ghoul Morning, Emily and Adam decided to help you out.

They’re building a Halloween prop that cleans up for you.

Of course, it does leave a lot of fairy dust along the way…. but who doesn’t need a little extra sparkle in their lives around Halloween?

Using some glittered craft branches, a fallen branch from your yard and some rope, you can build a sparkling broom that’s perfect for the witchy season.

Then mount it atop a robot vaccuum and watch it whisk and twirl itself around your floor.

Check out the construction phase, and see how the finished product turned out, as Adam and Emily try their hands at a little homemade magic and make a dancing broom prop perfect for Halloween parties or just entertaining trick-or-treaters.



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