Ghoul Morning: The Concordia Theatre Ghost

He might be one of the best-known Concordians who ever lived. Problem is, we have no idea if he was ever actually alive.

MOORHEAD — The name Al Gersbach is instantaneously familiar to generation after generation of Concordia college alums.

Going back decades, you can find his name on program after program at the Comstock Theatre.

He’s been billed as a spiritual adviser for “Godspell,” a hematologist on a slasher play, even once doing a turn as a feather boa.

So who is this longtime supporter of the arts?

He’s the Concordia Theatre ghost, and every play and performance’s fate, fortunes, and most importantly reviews are said to be based on his ghostly presence, as well as his name appearing in the show’s program.

The Morning Show’s Emily Welker went with photographer Emily Harmon to find out more about the real Al Gersbach, and why, although you won’t find him in the show programs of today, he’s still very much “alive” at the Comstock Theatre.

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