LIVE: Push for Gifted Testing for Kids

FARGO — Do you think your kid is smart?

Sure, most parents do.

But you might be surprised by just how smart your kid really is.

And if the signs are there, the North Dakota Association for Gifted Children says, you might want to get your child tested for giftedness.

You probably already know one sign of a gifted kid is a kid who learns concepts or skills quickly.

But there are also, lesser-known signs that could surprise you.

For example, giftedness doesn’t always mean school comes easy.

As a matter of fact, giftedness can create problems if your child is bored in school.

That can lead to distractedness, and sometimes behavioral problems.

If your child shows signs, it’s important to get them the help they need for their unusual learning style.

NDAGC member Connie Jadrny joined the Morning Show for a live interview to talk about other surprising signs of giftedness in kids parents should look out for, why giftedness is actually considered a special educational need, and what you can get out of the public informational gathering and picnic coming up on Labor Day.

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