Pet Connection

Pet Connection: Meet Mavis

She's a heeler and an appealer.

Mavis is only about a year old and she’s only been in foster care about a week since being sprung from the slammer — er, pound. But this smart, sweet and savvy heeler pup can already sit and take treats nicely, and gets along well with cats and kids. She can even herd your toddler for you! Categories: Morning –…

Pet Connection: Meet Hank

He's a wild and crazy guy. (And a lot of fun too.)

KVRR got a visit live (boy, was it live!) in studio on the morning show from Diamond in the Ruff Pet Rescuer Ryan Keel and Hank. Hank’s from the pound, so it’s not clear exactly how old he is. What is clear is that he has the energy and enthusiasm of a puppy, the glossy black coat of a labrador…

Pet Connection: Meet Lancelot

Lancelot and his friend, pet rescue worker Heather Klefstad, visited live in-studio with Emily to talk about adopting a senior cat like this loving Lothario. Find out about keeping your cats safe indoors from the freezing cold, what to watch out when it comes to cats hiding in cars outside to stay warm, and most importantly, whether or not Lancelot…

Pet Connection: Meet Felix

Could you be the Oscar to this Felix? Meet the adoptable Nanday conure and find out!

  Felix is an adoptable Nanday conure, a small type of parrot, who’s available for adoption from CAARE, the Center for Avian Adoption, Rescue and Education right here in West Fargo. The beautiful little fellow has a lifespan of about 35 years in captivity and like all parrots needs lots of attention and environmental stimulation to live his best life…

Pet Connection: Meet Gracie

Puppies are the cutest things ever. But boy, are they a pain.

4 Luv of Dog volunteers are live in studio with a special, tiny, adorable guest. Gracie is just 8 weeks old, part of a litter born to a rescue dog who was pregnant when she was taken in. The volunteers with the rescue organization were happy to help her bring her babies into the world safely, but as 4 Luv…

Pet Connection: Meet Susan

Meet Susan, a year-and-a-half-old female pit bull who almost didn’t make it out of a regional pound. The gray pit bull’s velvety coat and melting eyes notwithstanding, Susan was almost put to sleep because controversy over her breed made her less likely to find a home for adoption than other dogs. That didn’t stop volunteers with 4 Luv of Dog….