Deal Is Reached To Keep Prairie Public Broadcasting From Downtown Fargo

Developers of Block 9 have agreed to help pay to get Prairie Public's radio and television signals around the building

FARGO, N.D. — A deal has been reached to help Prairie Public continue to broadcast from its downtown Fargo location after an 18-story building goes up. Developers of Block 9 have agreed to help pay to get Prairie Public’s radio and television signals around the building. A large crowd of Prairie Public supporters turned out for a public meeting last…

Viewers Concerned 18 Story High Rise in Downtown Fargo Could Block Prairie Public’s TV Signal

People voiced their concerns about the project at a town hall meeting

FARGO, N.D. — Prairie Public has been broadcasting from downtown Fargo since 1985, but a proposed 18–story high rise threatens to block the station’s signal. “As soon as I heard about this possibility and I told my kid, she jumped up and said ‘we have to do something about this, I want to go to the meeting,’ and she’s 12, so…

Fargo’s Block 9 Construction Project May Be Delayed

Mahoney says rumblings that the project is in trouble are not true

1/3 Show Caption Hide Caption 2/3 Show Caption Hide Caption 3/3 Show Caption Hide Caption FARGO, ND — Mayor Mahoney says construction on the Block 9 project could be delayed until next spring. Work on the 18 story building in downtown Fargo was originally planned to start last year. A hotel, offices, condos, a parking garage and a renovated city…