FDA issues plan to ban menthol cigarettes, cigars

WASHINGTON  – The U.S. government has released its long-awaited plan to ban menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars. The Food and Drug Administration said phasing out menthol cigarettes would save hundreds of thousands of lives by helping adult smokers quit.  Menthol is the only cigarette flavor that was not banned under the 2009 law that gave the FDA authority over tobacco…

Local Businesses React to Raising Federal Tobacco-Buying Age

President Trump recently signed a spending package that, among other things, raises the federal legal age for buying tobacco from 18 to 21

FARGO, N.D. & MOORHEAD, Minn. — Walk into almost any convenience store or gas station, and you’ll see multiple shelves and display cases packed with cigarettes, vaping devices, and other forms of tobacco products. The National Association of Convenience Stores says 34 percent of all in-store purchases are attributed to tobacco. But beginning in the summer, these numbers may change….

Man Trying To Give His Neighbor Cigarettes Gets His Fingertips Cut Off

67-year-old Clarence Hilliard Jr. opened the door and swung a machete at the man

Clarence Hilliard Jr.ST. CLOUD, Minn. — A St. Cloud man lost his fingertips after trying to give his neighbor some cigarettes. According to the criminal complaint, the neighbor told police he went to 67-year-old Clarence Hilliard Jr.’s apartment Friday to give him cigarettes. Hilliard told him to go away but he kept knocking. That’s when Hilliard opened the door and…

Pope Francis to Ban Sales of Cigarettes in Vatican City, Despite $11 Million in Profits

Pope Francis says he "cannot contribute to an activity that clearly damages the health of people."

  VATICAN CITY — It may bring in $11 million in profit for the Vatican, but Pope Francis is just saying “no” when it comes to the sales of cigarettes. The Holy See Press Offices says the Pope’s decision was based on the World Health Organization’s data that states smoking causes more than seven million deaths a year around the…

Bismarck Man Arrested for Using Credit Card Skimmer

Willie was arrested by Bismarck Police on charges of unlawful use of personal identifying information

BISMARCK, ND — A Bismarck man is accused of using a credit card skimmer to obtain credit card information. Police said 27-year-old David Willie then used the information to create new cards and purchased large quantities of cigarettes from grocery stores and gas stations. Willie was arrested by Bismarck Police on charges of unlawful use of personal identifying information. Categories:…

Minneapolis Working to Restrict Sales of Menthol Cigarettes

San Francisco and Chicago have similar policies

  MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — The sale of menthol cigarettes in Minneapolis may soon be restricted to adult-only tobacco shops. The city has an ordinance that limits other flavored tobacco products to adult-only tobacco shops. Council Member Cam Gordon says restricting menthols is the next step. Anti-smoking advocates say a mint-flavored compound in the cigarettes that creates a cooling sensation makes…

Minnesota Senate Introduces Bill to Raise Legal Age for Tobacco Purchases

The senate introduces a bill that would raise the legal age to buy tobacco to 21 in Minnesota

MINNESOTA–Just two days after Edina made the change, the Minnesota Senate introduced a bill that raises the legal age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21. Members of the Minnesotans for a Smoke Free Generation coalition called it a win. “It’s really a huge victory,” said Jason McCoy, the tobacco prevention coordinator with Clay County Public Health. Edina is the first city…

BreatheND Urges Lawmakers to Continue Funding

BreatheND is the center of two bills being proposed this session, one would completely defund the program and the other would keep it alive

BreatheND asked state legislators to think twice before voting on a bill that would defund the program. In a press conference at Sanford Health in downtown Fargo, employees and advocates of the program highlighted the strides in reducing tobacco use made by BreatheND since its creation back in 2008. They said between 2013 and 2015 the program cut high school…