Drought Causing Increase in Livestock Killing Bacteria

Six livestock deaths caused by the algae are reported in North Dakota so far this year

FARGO, ND — The drought conditions are escalating algae which can kill livestock in five minutes if ingested. For rancher Roddy Grefsrud, it’s been a forgiving season in Hawley, Minnesota. “We got an inch and a half of rain Wednesday night,” said Grefsrud “We hope the pasture will come back a little bit. But otherwise, it hasn’t been bad.” But the…

Drought Conditions Are Expanding In The Region

Extreme Drought In Much of South-central North Dakota

The areas of severe and extreme drought are expanding across south-central North Dakota. This is the latest drought monitor map from the USDA. The counties in red are in the extreme drought category with persistent hot and dry conditions. In the east: the counties in brown and yellow, are seeing abnormally dry to moderate drought conditions. In Minnesota: Clay, Norman,…

Senator Heitkamp Asking Ranchers be Given Tax Break Due to Drought

The deferment would be for a two year period on the sale of cattle

  NORTH DAKOTA — Senator Heitkamp has asked the IRS commissioner to allow ranchers to defer paying capital gains tax due to the drought. The deferment would be for a two year period on the sale of cattle. The action is being requested due to the ongoing severe drought which has stretched for months across nearly half of the state….

Emergency Drought Aid Available for North Dakota Farmers and Ranchers

Federal aid is now being made available to farmers and ranchers slammed by these dry conditions

  NORTH DAKOTA — Drought conditions are getting worse in North Dakota. The U.S. Drought Monitor shows 25 percent of the state in an extreme drought, up from eight percent last week. These areas are mainly along the western part of the state including areas near Bismarck, Dickinson and Williston. Another 22 percent is classified as in a severe drought,…

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Bringing Assistance to Livestock Producers in Wake of Drought

Senator Heitkamp got the reassurances during a senate hearing

NORTH DAKOTA — The U.S. Department of Agriculture is providing additional assistance for livestock producers dealing with the ongoing drought. The USDA has expanded emergency grazing on land enrolled in the CRP, including those counties where drought conditions are moderate. The agency says the authorization includes any county in which any part of its border lies within 150 miles of…

Nearly Half of North Dakota Experiencing Severe Drought Conditions

Governor Has Declared Drought Emergency

Forest Service officials say drought conditions are making many areas of North Dakota vulnerable to fires. The U.S. Drought Monitor shows that 8 percent of the state is in extreme drought while another 32 percent is in severe drought. Authorities say if conditions don’t improve, the state could see a threat of “catastrophic wildfires, uncontrollable fires.” Gov. Burgum declared a…

Drought Conditions Hitting Farmers and Ranchers Hard Across the Region

A farm in Leonard is suffering from drought conditions

LEONARD, ND — Due to severe drought conditions in portions of the state, North Dakota lawmakers announced farmers and ranchers will receive emergency grazing acres. Drought conditions are affecting nearly a third of North Dakota. That’s a concern for Leonard farmer, Mark Nesemeier. “We have some subtle moisture, but we do have some late planted crops that had trouble coming up…

North Dakota Taxpayers Reporting Drop in Income

The number of people filing their taxes also dropped by nearly 25,000 people

  NORTH DAKOTA — Land across the state of North Dakota isn’t the only thing drying up. Taxpayers are reporting less income, too. Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger said taxpayers are reporting more than a three percent drop in their income. The number of people filing their taxes also dropped by nearly 25,000 people. Rauschenberger said the decreases are due to…

North Dakota Ag Officials Joining Call for Emergency Action Over Drought Conditions

North Dakota's congressional delegation made the same request earlier this week

  NORTH DAKOTA — Officials are calling on Ag Secretary Perdue to open CRP land for haying and grazing due to widespread drought. North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring and National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson have joined the call for the emergency action. North Dakota’s congressional delegation made the same request earlier this week. The latest U.S. Drought Monitor…

U.S. Drought Monitor: Dakota States in Need of Rain

About 87 percent of North Dakota is in drought and just over half of South Dakota is experiencing drought conditions

  REGIONAL — A national report shows the Dakotas are in need of some rain. The U.S. Drought Monitor shows that most of the Dakotas are experiencing drought conditions. The conditions are taking a toll on the states’ farmers and cattle producers. About 87 percent of North Dakota is in drought and just over half of South Dakota is experiencing…