Local Farmer Endures Difficult, Wet Harvest Season

He says this fall rain is unlike anything he's seen before

HOPE, N.D. — Tony Richards and his father have been farming for more than 50 years combined. He says the past few haven’t been the smoothest. “Margins are very, very tight, and one hiccup can turn you in from making a couple bucks to losing a lot.” Richards had to overcome more than just a hiccup recently. An unusual combination…

Early Snow in Valley City Hits Crops Hard

Some say they've never seen a situation like this

VALLEY CITY, N.D. —¬†Farmers are taking a hit after the snow damaged a lot of their crops. They say it’s not normal to be dealing with this amount of snow so early in the season. One farmer who grows corn and soybeans said neither he nor his father had ever seen a situation like this. He says the wet and…

ND Game and Fish Dept. Closes Otter Trapping Season

The limit of 15 otters has been reached

Courtesy: North Dakota Game and Fish Department  NORTH DAKOTA — North Dakota’s Game and Fish Department has closed the state’s inaugural otter trapping season. The limit of 15 otters has been reached. Enough otters had moved into eastern North Dakota from Minnesota to warrant a trapping season. Gov. Burgum signed off on the idea last summer. The season opened November…

2018 Expected To Be A Better Harvest Season

corn, soybean production are predicted to drop while wheat production is expected to rise

FARGO, ND —¬†Farmers across the Midwest had a much drier season in 2017. Agricultural industry leaders at the Northern Ag Expo say farmers could have a turn of luck in the New Year. Drought conditions made work a lot harder for Midwestern farmers in 2017. “The wheat was a decent harvest but we needed more rain,” said farmer Steven Erickson….

Prairie Roots Co-op Celebrates Season’s Harvest

Produce for $1 ended at 8 p.m.

FARGO, ND — Prairie Roots Co-op is celebrating their local farmers and the recent harvest from this season by selling produce for $1. They partnered up with local farmers who had left over produce from the season. Staff at the co-op say this is a chance to thank their customers and the farmers for all they do, not a chance…

Family of Lukas Kusters, the “Dutch Destroyer,” Comes to Fargo

The family of a boy whose dying wish was to meet Carson Wentz were honored guests at the Harvest Bowl

FARGO, ND — A family from Delaware got the celebrity treatment this weekend in Fargo. Parents and siblings of the late Lukas Kusters, a boy whose dying wish was to meet Carson Wentz, got a warm welcome at Saturday’s Harvest Bowl. A weekend trip to Fargo was a much needed vacation. “The welcome we’ve received,” said Rebecca Burmeff, mother of…

Despite Severe Drought, North Dakota’s Wine Industry on the Grow

There is some cause for concern

  NORTH DAKOTA — Despite severe drought conditions, North Dakota’s wine industry rapidly continues to grow. Wine industry officials in the state say North Dakota’s warmer climate these past months have allowed the cold-climate grapes to ripen faster. While the state’s grapes are naturally more acidic the warm weather and fast ripening made the fruit sweeter and more wine was…

Minnesota Farmers Racing Against the Clock to Finish Harvest

The DNR says currently, the weather trend is now towards heavier rains

  MINNESOTA — A rainy fall season has put up some obstacles for farmers in Minnesota who are trying to get their crops in. Farmers across the state say they are worried about the wet weather and are pushing to finish the harvest season with the countdown to winter fast approaching. Harvesting crops while the fields are wet can compact…

October Harvest Moon Rare Sight to See

The harvest moon, which is also known as the blood moon, dying grass moon and travel moon is the full moon closest to the beginning of the fall season

  NATIONAL — You may have seen it hovering in the night sky. It’s the harvest moon. The harvest moon, which is also known as the blood moon, dying grass moon and travel moon is the full moon closest to the beginning of the fall season. NASA officials say seeing a harvest moon is October is rare, since it usually…

Local Producers Optimistic About Harvest Despite Drought Conditions

With the growing season almost over and harvesting around the corner, area farmers say they will still come out with a good product

ARTHUR, ND — The drought in North Dakota left land dry for much of the summer. “We had really nice growing conditions through about the middle of July this year and then here in the Arthur area it quit raining almost completely,” said Kevin Skunes, the First VP for North Dakota Corn Growers. With the growing season almost over and…