Getting By With a Little Help From Her Friends; Rock and Roll Fan Battles Autoimmune Disease

"But the one I need for Ankylosing Spondylitis to slow it down, is the cosentyx, and that is $6,000 a month"

FARGO, N.D. — A proud Fargo rock fan says good friends and music can help you get through some of life’s toughest battles. Take a look at how her friends are combining some of her favorite things to take one burden off her shoulders. Since she was a teenager, Shannon Neece has been misdiagnosed. It wasn’t until recently, she is…

Better Business Bureau Warns of Tax Scams

The earlier you file, the better

FARGO, N.D. —¬†With less than a month to go before Tax Day, people are encouraged be cautious of potential scams. The Better Business Bureau recommends that people make sure their accountants have proper credentials and licenses. Always make sure you understand what you’re signing, and don’t sign a blank 1040 form without seeing the numbers. You’ll have less risk of…

The Biz: KFC’s New Gravy Cocktails, McDonald’s Going Green, More Money in Your Pocket and the DOW Hits 26,000

These aren't just any kind of cocktail

NATIONAL — KFC may be the home of finger lickin’ good chicken but now they’re hoping to serve you up some lip-smackin’ cocktails. The fast-food company is launching a new cocktail menu and while the drinks won’t be sold in stores, the recipes will be available for you to make on your own. These aren’t just any kind of cocktail….

Minnesota Senate May be Growing Desperate as Operating Budget Remains Uncertain

Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed the House and Senate's $130 million budget this spring amid a dispute over tax breaks and other measures

  ST PAUL, Minn. — The Minnesota Senate may furlough staff and stop cutting checks as soon as December if the courts don’t restore their operating budget. Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed the House and Senate’s $130 million budget this spring amid a dispute over tax breaks and other measures. It sparked a legal battle that is now before the state…