Minnesota Lawmaker Proposes Anti-Vaxx Parents to See Doctor Before Making Final Health Care Decisions

He is introducing a proposal that parents need to visit with a doctor before not vaccinating their children

  ST. PAUL, Minn. — After a measles outbreak over the summer prompted several discussions over childhood vaccinations, a Minnesota lawmaker wants parents to see a doctor before opting to not vaccinate. The Department of Health says nearly 80 people were hit hard with the measles outbreak and State Representative Mike Freiberg says he wants parents who are considering not…

ND Dept. of Health Encouraging Flu Shots for All

It is National Influenza Vaccination Week

  NORTH DAKOTA — The North Dakota Department of Health is encouraging all North Dakotans to get their flu shot this week. It is National Influenza Vaccination Week. Health officials say everyone six months and older should be vaccinated, regardless of age or health status. It is especially important for people who are at greater risk of complications from the…

Minnesota Anti-Vax Mom: Dying from Disease is “Part of the Plan”

Parents must fill out paperwork with the school if they are rejecting vaccinations for health or religious reasons

  ROCHESTER, Minn. — More than 70 students in a Minnesota School District have been ordered to leave school after they failed to provide documentation that shows they are up to date on their vaccinations. Rochester Public School Board members say they are cracking down on a state law that requires students be vaccinated for diseases such as measles, mumps…