LIVE: Senior Volunteer and Companion Program

Staying home is keeping them safe from the virus. It's also putting them at risk for depression and loneliness.

As we spend this Memorial Day with our family members, thanking our lucky stars we’ve made it through lockdown and into the first big holiday since the coronavirus struck, you might not realize not everyone in our community is seeing much change.

Those are some of our seniors, who are in the highest-risk categories and who often don’t have family members to share space with.

And if you think it’s been a long stretch stuck at home, that’s nothing compared to what those seniors are still dealing with.

Fortunately, there’s a way you can help keep their spirits up without putting them at risk.

Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota is continuing its Senior Volunteer and Senior Companion programs throughout the pandemic, just with some modifications now.

It’s a way you can reach out and form new bonds with seniors who may not have the companionship and support they need to get through this trying time.

LSSND’s Becky Telin joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker live via Zoom to talk about how the program works and how you can get involved.

Best of all, there may be just as many benefits for you as there are for the seniors who need a helping hand.

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