LIVE: Live Nativity, Or, the Show Must Go On

Weather or not the bad weather does.

A Fargo church is putting the last-minute touches on this Sunday’s live Nativity scene.
And they say regardless of the cold and the snow, the show will go on.

The show, which has been running each holiday season for more than 25 years, features animal and human actors.

All of them are volunteers.

That includes the person who plays the angel, who has to be hoisted high in the sky, no matter what the wind chill may be.

Musical director Christopher Hanson is in his fifth year putting on the live Nativity for Faith United Methodist Church.

He says animals are sourced from hobby farms throughout the region.

And it’s never been a problem for them to get enough volunteers each year, in spite of the cold.

Hanson Zoomed in live from Faith United to talk about what the actors wear under the costumes to keep warm, how cold it’s been in years past, and how happy they all are to see the show return after having to call it off last year because of the pandemic.

If you go:

Live Nativity

outside Faith United Methodist Church

909 19th Avenue North

5:30 to 7 PM

Sunday, December 5th

hot cider,  holiday treats, and live music

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