LIVE: Heart Walk Returns

Take heart! And make a difference for your health and for someone else's.

It’s time to take heart and step up for a great cause.

One that could just save your own life.

The annual Heart Walk is coming up fast, and it’s expected to be a big year for the event.

It’s not just a fundraiser for heart health awareness, research and initiatives.

It’s also a chance to connect with people who’ve survived heart disease, with the families of heart patients, and a place to get inspired to get mentally and physically healthier.

The timing this year is particularly critical, says the American Heart Association’s Chrissy Meyer.

That’s because scientists are only now starting to uncover the long-term, lasting effects of Covid-19 both on heart function and on the brain.

Meyer Zoomed in live with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker to talk about the expected turnout for this year’s event and why the pandemic’s taken a toll on everyone’s heart and mind.

You can participate both virtually and in-person this year on August 4th.

This event is proudly sponsored by KVRR and by Sanford Health.

For more information:

2022 Fargo ND Heart Walk – Heart Walk – American Heart Association


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