More Cars Than Ever Have Laminated Windows Instead of Tempered

Knowing the Difference Could Mean Life or Death in an Emergency

FARGO, N.D. — When you think of vehicle safety features, you probably don’t look at your car windows. Roughly one third of all cars made within the last 10 years have laminated instead of tempered glass in the driver’s and passenger’s windows, and that number will just keep growing according to AAA. Laminated windows have a thin sheet of film…

AAA’s Tow to Go Program Offers Safe Rides on the Fourth of July

It's important to plan ahead if you're going to be drinking

FARGO, N.D. –AAA can come to the rescue when your car breaks down, but on the Fourth of July, they can also help through the Tow to Go program if you’ve been drinking. If don’t have a plan to get home, you can call AAA, and they will send a tow truck to tow your car and drive you home….

AAA Teaches People How To Drive Defensively

FARGO, N.D. – Drivers in the area are learning how to be more defensive at the wheel. AAA hosted a class for people who want to be better drivers. People can learn about new driving technology and how to use it. The class will also save people money on their car insurance. The four hour class tests their knowledge on the…

Average Price of Unleaded Gas Moves Closer To $3.00 Per Gallon

Crude oil is trending higher on reports that the U.S. State Department plans to end the use of waivers for countries to import oil from Iran

FARGO, ND — Gas has gone up another nickel in just one week. The average price for a gallon of unleaded gas in North Dakota is now $2.76, according to AAA. The average is 22 cents higher than one month ago and 11 cents higher than one year ago. The national average is $2.84. Crude oil is trending higher on reports…

Refinery Maintenance And Higher Crude Oil Prices Push Gas Prices Higher

In Fargo the average price is $2.50 Per Gallon of Unleaded

FARGO, ND — Gas prices have hit the highest levels for this date since 2014. AAA says the national average price for regular unleaded gas is $2.74 a gallon, five cents higher than last week. In Fargo the average price is $2.50. One of the factors is refinery maintenance season which has hit some unexpected bumps. Another factor in the higher…

Study Finds North Dakota Has Worst Drivers in the Country

The analysis is based on at-fault violations

FARGO, N.D. — Usually a number one ranking is something to be proud of, but not if your state is the worst at something. A study by Insurify ranks North Dakota drivers as the worst in the country. The study asks people if they’ve been ticketed for something like speeding or reckless driving or have had a DUI in the past seven…

Gas Prices Start Rising In The FM Metro Following Hike In Oil Prices

AAA says the average for a gallon of gas in the FM metro is $2.11

FARGO, ND — You’ve probably noticed that gas prices are starting to rise in the metro. AAA says the average for a gallon of gas in the FM metro is $2.11. The statewide average is $2.20. The hikes follow a jump in oil and wholesale gasoline prices. Crude oil began the week trading at its highest price point of the year…

Protecting the Wear and Tear on Your Car From Low Temperatures

recommendations from experts include using a block heater, putting more air in tires, keeping up on maintenance

FARGO, N.D. — It’s not just ourselves, kids and pets we need to take care of in the cold. Just because your vehicle starts up when now doesn’t mean it will as temperatures continue to drop this week. It’s the very reason Fix It Forward owner Matt Carlson says more drivers should be checking their car batteries this week when…

AAA Gives Out Free Helmets to Kids at it’s Annual Bike Helmet Fitting Clinic

AAA gave out roughly 120 helmets

FARGO, N.D. — It’s not enough to simply have and wear a safety helmet when riding your bike. So, Triple A is making sure people also know the importance of having a helmet that fits properly at their annual bike helmet fitting clinic. “You can’t wear it like that,” a AAA spokesperson instructed. “You have to have it straight on…