Former Refugee Speaks Out on Potential North Dakota, National Ban

Kuwar Farok came to Fargo as a refugee more than 20 years ago

North Dakota lawmakers are getting ready to vote on a bill which could potentially close the state’s doors to incoming refugees. In response, hundreds have signed up on a Facebook page to rally at the Civic Center in downtown Fargo on Thursday afternoon. We¬†sat down with a man who came to Fargo as a refugee more than 20 years ago….

Sexual Orientation Discrimination Bill Proposed in North Dakota

Lawmakers Are hoping to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation in North Dakota

Lawmakers are once again proposing a bill to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation in North Dakota. This is the fourth time this bill has been introduced. The bipartisan bill was first introduced by openly gay Democratic State Representative Josh Boschee. State law in North Dakota currently prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, age, disability and other…

How Would Repealing the Blue Law Affect Fargo Businesses?

The answer is less obvious than you may think and opinons are all accross the board on this one

How would you like to shop in North Dakota before noon on a Sunday? A state lawmaker is trying to make that happen. Because of the blue law in North Dakota, some Fargo retailers said they could be missing out on extra sales. “The more hours you’re open, you make more sales,” said Chris Heaton, Senior Vice President of Property…

Council Member Hopeful for Railroad Underpass

The underpass would be on the south side of Moorhead High School

A $42 million railroad underpass project south of Moorhead High School is included in Governor Dayton’s bonding bill. A city council member says this project is crucial to maintaining public safety. A big concern is that emergency crews come from Fargo and get delayed when a train is rolling through town. This project would separate the traffic between trains and…

Grand Forks Lawmaker Proposes 80mph Speed Limit on ND Interstates

Laffen says "everybody drives that speed anyway"

A Grand Forks lawmaker is sponsoring a bill to raise the speed limit on North Dakota’s interstates. Republican Senator Lonnie Laffen says by raising the speed limit from 75 to 80 miles per hour will help businesses get their work done faster and more efficiently. Sen. Laffen says people drive 80 miles per hour regardless of the posted speed limit….