North Dakota Casino Plan to Be Reconsidered

Proposal to allow more state-owned casinos will be reconsidered

North Dakota’s Republican House majority leader is not giving up on his effort to establish more casinos in the state, even after members of his own party folded on the idea. Fargo Rep. Al Carlson says his proposal to allow up to six state-owned casinos will be reconsidered by the House Judiciary Committee this week. The North Dakota Senate also…

Setback for Real ID Law in Minnesota

It's a setback as Minnesota races toward a January 2018 deadline for the new IDs to board domestic flights

  ST. PAUL, Minn. — Efforts to upgrade driver’s licenses so they pass muster for domestic flights have hit a snag in Minnesota. The state Senate has defeated a bill to make the state compliant with the federal Real ID law. Democrats concerned about blocking driver’s license access for immigrants living in Minnesota illegally united with several Republicans who call…

ND Lawmakers Battle Over State-Owned Casino Proposal

Some lawmakers opposed to the proposal say it risks angering American Indian tribes in the state

  BISMARCK, N.D. — Some North Dakota lawmakers say a proposal to allow state-owned casinos is retaliatory. They say the proposal by House majority leader Rep. Al Carlson of Fargo risks angering American Indian tribes even more when relations have already been rubbed raw by the Dakota Access pipeline dispute. Carlson says his idea is not “anti-American Indian.” He says…

ND Bill Proposal Cracks Down on Assistance Animals in Rental Units

Rep. Kim Koppelmann said he is listening to owners of rental properties who say the system is being abused

  BISMARCK — The North Dakota House has passed a bill that will crack down on people who obtain medical documentation that allows service or assistance animals into rental units that prohibit pets from living there. West Fargo Republican Representative Kim Koppelmann introduced the bill after he said owners of rental properties are concerned people are abusing the system and…

Minnesota One Step Closer to Legalizing Liquor Sales on Sundays

The Senate Commerce Committee approved the bill on a 7-4 vote

  ST. PAUL, Minn. — A Minnesota Senate committee has moved the state one step closer to legalizing Sunday liquor sales. The Senate Commerce Committee approved the bill on a 7-4 vote. The House overwhelmingly passed it earlier this week. It’s an historic turn in the long struggle by many to repeal the decades-old law. The bill still must pass…

House to Vote on Sunday Liquor Sales

The Minnesota House is expected to vote on the Sunday liquor sales bill on Monday

Minnesota could take the first step toward erasing the state’s ban on Sunday liquor sales. The House is expected to vote Monday on a bill that would allow liquor stores to open on Sundays. Republican House Speaker Kurt Daudt says he expects it to easily pass, citing a growing appetite among people in Minnesota to repeal the old Prohibition-era law….

ND House Kills Bill that Would Combine Treasury Office

The proposal was to close the office and split the responsibilities between other agencies

  BISMARCK, N.D. — North Dakota Legislators have killed a bi-partisan proposal allowing voters to decide if the state Treasurer’s Office is needed. The proposal was to close the office and split the responsibilities between other agencies. The state treasurer manages the cash flow for state agencies and distributes tax collections to local governments. The bill was co-sponsored by Fargo…

South Dakota Considers Lawmaker Approval on Refugee Resettlement

States across the country are looking into similar bills after President Trump issued the travel ban earlier this year

  SOUTH DAKOTA — South Dakota lawmakers are considering taking more control of refugee resettlements in the state. The Senate State Affairs Committee approved amending a bill that would require state lawmakers’ seal of approval on refugee resettlements. The bill would require private refugee resettlement groups to provide certain information about the process, like services provided, demographics and the number…

North Dakota House Considering Bill on Concealed Firearms in Schools

One proposal is to allow concealed firearms in schools

  BISMARCK, N.D. — More than a dozen bills relating to guns will be debated in Bismarck as the first half of the current session winds down. Among them is a proposal to allow carrying a concealed firearm in schools, if education officials allow it. Republican Rep. Dwight Kiefert says there are schools that are an hour away from help…

ND Lawmakers Hoping to Establish Needle Exchange Program

Lawmakers say IV drug use is on the rise in North Dakota and they want to help people to lower their risk

BISMARCK, N.D. — North Dakota health officials are backing bipartisan legislation that would establish a needle-exchange program. State Republican Sen. Howard Anderson is the primary sponsor of the bill. The retired Turtle Lake pharmacist and former member of the state narcotics coalition told a legislative committee that intravenous drug use is on the rise in North Dakota. Anderson says allowing…