Contractors Help Clean Up Ice After Vandals Flood Bonanzaville

They say they've never dealt with this amount of ice before

WEST FARGO, N.D. — Earlier this week, we told you how vandals caused 201,000 gallons of water to flood Bonanzaville. Earthworks Services has been working all day to break up sheets of ice three to four inches thick. “This is a lot more ice than I’ve ever encountered. Pretty unfortunate someone would be willing to do this,” Nathan Volk, an operator…

Valley City Cleans Up After 13 Inches of Snow

People say it's unusual to have so much snow this early in the season

VALLEY CITY, N.D. — Nearly 150 customers of Dakota Valley Electric are still without power after yesterday’s snowstorm that has people cleaning up from Lisbon to Grand Forks. Valley City was spared major power outages, but they’ve been doing a lot of cleanup after 13 inches of snow. “The street crews have the equipment all ready to go, they were ready…

Winger, Minn. Cleans Up After Sunday Tornado

Many landmarks around town faced significant damage

WINGER, Minn. — The town of Winger is still cleaning up after a tornado hit Sunday night. Dean Johnson had a lot of his property damaged from Sunday’s storm. “This kind of tells the story itself. It’s kind of discouraging to look at,” he said. The tornado, with winds up to 110 mph, started at the southwest part of town and…

How Cleanup Week Makes Things Easier for People in the Valley

When you're driving around Fargo, the streets may look a little messier than you remember them.

FARGO, N.D. — Monday starts everyone’s favorite holiday in the metro…cleanup week! And that means all of that old junk and unwanted furniture is being tossed outside. This makes spring cleaning a little bit easier for people around town in our lead story. “Just helps timewise and going out to the dump,” said David Sullivan, who lives in Fargo. When…

Highway 10 Near Detroit Lakes Reopens All Lanes

Crews installed new traffic signals at the intersection of Highways 10 and 59 on Monday

  DETROIT LAKES, Minn. — We have some great news if you’re driving to, through or around Detroit Lakes. After an all summer-long road construction project, all four lanes are once again open on Highway 10 in Detroit Lakes. Crews installed new traffic signals at the intersection of Highways 10 and 59 on Monday. The temporary crossover on Highway 10…

City of Fargo Offers Fall Cleanup Week…But You’ll Have to Haul It

The landfill will be open during regular hours and is free from October 14th through the 21st

FARGO, N.D. — For the first time ever, the City of Fargo will hold a fall-clean up week. Unlike the popular spring cleanup week where the city picks up your junk, you will have to bring your items to the city landfill yourself. The landfill will be open during regular hours and is free from October 14th through the 21st….

Storm Damage Cleanup Teams Are in Full Force in Becker County

After Tuesday night's storm, cleanup crews are working to get Becker County back to normal

BECKER COUNTY, Minn. — The city of Detroit Lakes is still cleaning up after this week’s storms tore through Becker County. People who live in the region are still picking up the pieces left behind after a series of storms that spawned tornadoes ravaged Lakes County. “I’ve been the emergency manager here since 2013 and this is the worst storm…

Halstad, Ulen Cleaning Up After Strong Storms

Monday's Strong Wind Storm Left Parts Of Minnesota Damaged

MINNESOTA — Many people in western Minnesota spent most of their day cleaning up after Monday’s storms. Halstad woke up to down power lines, uprooted trees and busted sheds strewn across at least one neighborhood. In Ulen, Arloween Ekulnd said the wind was so bad that her and her family waited the storm out in their basement. “We heard the…

Cleaning Up After The Fargo Marathon

Thousands of Racers Came to Fargo From All 50 States

FARGO, N.D. – Runners came to town and conquered the 13th annual Fargo Marathon and now it’s time to clean up. Fargo Marathon organizers say crews cleaned up about 80% of the race’s aftermath on Saturday. “Do Not Park” signs that were put up late Friday night typically stay up until the day after. Bits of trash remained along the…

Fargo Business Collects Unwanted Car Seats Before Clean Up Week

The annual car seat round up was organized by Safety Shoppe in North Fargo

FARGO, N.D., — Clean Up Week begins in just a couple of days, but there’s one item you don’t have to leave on the curb.  Safety Shoppe in North Fargo held their Car Seat Round Up for outdated or unsafe car seats. The business holds this event every year before clean up week to prevent people from picking up hazardous…